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文学研究科博士課程前期課程日本文学専攻  2015年9月~2017年3月 所属 ルーヴェン大学
今年の冬休みに仙台へ行って、その近くにあるキツネ村を訪問した。十一時半ごろに深夜バスに乗り、池袋を出発した。いびきをかいて寝ている人も居たが、比較的スムーズに仙台に到着した。 バス休憩で寄ったサービスエリアでは、たくさんのお店があって、お土産などを見ているうちに、早く目的地に着かないかとわくわくしてきた。

仙台駅に到着し、すぐにまた電車に乗って、白石駅というところまで行った。ホテルのスタッフが迎えにきてくれて、宮城蔵王キツネ村まで送ってくれた。 キツネ村は山にあるから冬はよく雪が降り、キツネ村が一層きれいになると聞いたが、私が行ったときは、残念ながら小雨しか降らなかった。 しかし、施設の中に雪が降ったときの写真があったので、どんなにきれいなのかが想像できた。雪の好きな方には、寒さに耐えて、冬に行くのがおすすめだ!

施設の中にはキツネとの触れ合いの場が設けられている。そこのスタッフに頼むと狐に触ることができる。また、4百円払えば、一分ぐらい狐を抱っこすることもできる!こういうチャンスはめったにないから、黒い銀狐を抱くことにした! とてもふわふわしていて、また、意外におとなしくてびっくりした。触れ合いのほかに自由にキツネたちの間を歩けるエリアもある。
スタッフに近づきすぎないように言われて、入る前にドキドキした。思ったより狐の数が多くて、驚いた。比較的広い囲いの中でキツネたちが遊んだり、くつろいだりしていた。 囲いの中には小さい神社やえさの場所があった。スタッフからえさを買って、狐たちにやると、餌をもらうために飛んだり、人間のように立ったりしていて、とてもかわいかった。


キツネ村はいろいろな人が楽しめる場所だと思う。キツネのほかに、ウサギ、馬、ヤギなどもいた。日本人以外に、私のような外国人観光客もいた。私もとても楽しめた。またチャンスあったら是非行きたい。 みなさんも是非足を運んでほしい!

This winter holiday, I went to Sendai and visited the `Fox village` close by. My trip started around 11:30 when I left Ikebukuro with the night bus. Except for the person who snored the whole time, the ride went smooth. Between dozing off for a little bit, I went around the service areas and enjoyed the variety of souvenirs in the shop. This already gave me a vacation feeling and I became even more excited!
After arriving at Sendai, we immediately continued the trip by train. After arrival, we were picked up by one member of the staff of our hotel, and he also brought us to the `fox village`, high in the mountain. Normally it snows a lot in the winter and the view becomes very pretty, or so I have heard. But during the time I was there, I only got some rain. But in the facilities in the fox village, I was able to get a grasp of it`s beauty by looking at the pictures of the village. I recommend for all people who do not mind the cold that much、to go in the winter.
Inside the village, there is a place where you can touch and stroke the cute lovely foxes there but you have to ask the staff first. If you pay as much as 400 yen, you also have the possibility to cuddle the foxes. I got the chance to hug a black silver fox. Her fur was so fluffy and she was so obedient that I was really surprised.
There is also an area where the foxes walk around freely and you can walk between them. We were advised by the staff not to go too close to the foxes since they bite. At first I was very nervous, but as soon as I entered I was overwhelmed by the number of foxes, which was more than I expected. The foxes ran and played around there, but they also made it comfortable for themselves and watched the tourists walk around. There was a small shrine and a feeding place where we could feed them throwing food you could purchase from the staff. The foxes jump and stand on their legs to be able to grab the food you throw to them and they look very cute while doing so.
In the shop, you can buy some souvenirs and there is a small place to eat. When I went there, they were making `yakiimo`-sweet potato. But I would recommend bringing your own lunch since it`s not very clear when there will be food.
I think the `fox village` is enjoyable for a lot of people. Except foxes, there are also horses, goats, rabbits and so on! And not only Japanese, but also some foreigners where there. I really had a great time watching the foxes and I would love to go a second time. I highly recommend going and see the foxes yourself.